Storm: the black sphere, by E.L.YOUNG

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Hello now I’m reading a book called( STORM the black sphere)by E.L.YOUNG,I’m currently on page 241.

This book is the 3rd book of storm series.I read the first book but I couldn’t find the other one in the library so now I’m reading the 3rd book.The first book’s title is(STORM The Infinity Code).I was amazed with this book so I tried to read the rest.The second book of storm is called(STORM The Ghost machine).I wanted to read this book because the title looked interesting.

This book is about the missing scientists then the storm group: Will,Andrew and Gaia finds out that scientist Wickett is the only the one alive by finding his daughter. Then they found Wickett  but he said he’s going to stop the bad guys from creating a earthquake by giving what they want.

I didn’t like somethings about  the book which is the spelling mistakes and how complicated the story is.

This is what so far I have read.

7 thoughts on “Storm: the black sphere, by E.L.YOUNG

  1. This book sounds very interesting but I’m going to go for the first one so i get the story better. I think the first one is going to have a bunch of action! The title page look very interesting to me i might want to check out right away.

  2. This book looks good but i don’t think you gave us good information about it like but i liked how you told us somethings about the other 2 books you read.

  3. I’m Currently reading the Infinity code, and It is an amazing book.

    I think you might want to try using a more descriptive word than ‘interesting’ in your coming posts.
    Overall, Nice book post, and especially good as English isn’t your first language. I hope the ones to come are good as this, or even better.

  4. Sung-Hune, Look back at my example, the Page of Fame, and the Scoring Guide. Try this again, with a different post.

  5. I think that this book is personally not the type I would enjoy, Because I like the types of books that start out right away with action. You said “the title looked interesting” I usually go by the front cover or the blurb, on the back.

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